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31st July 2018

What do cloud services providers need to look for when identifying the right data centre provider?

It’s estimated that around 70 per cent of the world’s enterprises use cloud services.  That’s a far cry from 10 years ago, when corporates were still deciding how much they could trust their valuable IT data, to this radical new model.

It’s easy to see why cloud has come into its own. Aside from the estimated 40 zettabytes of data that cloud providers will be managing by 2020, the host of business benefits include greater speed and agility, enhanced customer service and greater processing power. 

Overall, cloud adoption is here to stay and provides a significant change for businesses. But how do cloud providers best manage their services and ensure uptime?

Delivering cloud services, safely and securely

Cloud service providers have successfully grown their presence in this marketplace and competition for market share is fierce among the market leaders. Synergy Research Group says the global cloud computing market is now worth $180 billion in vendor revenues and the market is still growing by 24 percent annually.  From Q4 2016 to Q4 2017, spend on cloud infrastructure services jumped 46 percent, outperforming all of the growth rates for the previous three quarters.

In order to achieve this growth and provide the phenomenal amount of processing power required to meet the high levels of security demanded by businesses, cloud providers are now in the driving seat when it comes to the storage and security of the data being stored in their cloud.  This means, constantly monitoring their own data storage capabilities and data backup solutions.

In many cases, the ideal solution will be to partner with a data centre provider, so that an off-premise site with paramount facilities can be used to store all the data and a recovery facility, providing the ultimate back up, should anything go wrong. The cloud provider remains the owner of the data and has full access to this, but the data centre partner provides the facility to hold information, securely.   

The data centre can be used as a primary or secondary site for backup, based on the strategy the cloud provider has in place and the compliance requirements the cloud provider needs to meet.

What do cloud services providers need to look for from data centre providers?

1. A secure environment

It’s an obvious point but security is, of course, at the top of the list. Any business will be concerned about the risk of a breach occurring which will not only incur fines and business disruption, but also lose clients which could cause the business to collapse. But what about the physical security?

Ultimately, as a data centre is hosting your infrastructure, it is naturally heavily focused on the physical security of its site. Perimeter protection, controlled access to the building and halls is a given. However, as well as the physical security at Sovereign, our Tier III aligned data centre is ISO 27001 certified (information security management) and has been since we opened our data centre doors for business in 2012.  As a managed IT services provider, we think about every aspect and consider what we would want from a data centre, just the same way as other service providers. Our data centre was designed as a fully secure solution as it is just as important to us as our clients and partners. It is imperative that we give our clients the confidence that best practice in security management is assured.

2. The right data centre location

Still, today, the location of a data centre is of high importance to its clients even, given our virtual world.

Close proximity of the data centre to the cloud providers’ own premises is a must, especially if there is a need to access the hardware urgently.

Our facility is based in North London, just 14 miles from central London, so it’s within perfect distance of companies in and around London, including those based around the M25 or those off the M1, within a sensible distance of London.  The general rule of thumb is that a 30 - 45 minutes train or car journey from the company’s office location is ideal.

We offer 24/7 access to our clients as again, it’s the sort of peace of mind and practical approach, that can make all the difference.

Recognising that our clients may need day to day support as well as support in an emergency, we have skilled 1st, 2nd and 3rd line engineers on site to be able to quickly and efficiently respond and support our clients, if required.

3. A data centre that meets the business’ requirements

A business looking for a suitable outsource data centre provider, will obviously need to ensure their specific business capabilities are catered for.  This not only includes network reliability, system uptime and response times in emergency situations but also ensuring that the SLAs to be put in place, concur with your own clients’ specifications.

Sovereign’s data centre is carrier-neutral, providing the client with a greater degree of connectivity. We also provide both public and private cloud backup services. The design of the site also offers a more cost-efficient service and optimal uptime; ensuring operations will go on regardless – all important factors to cloud providers.

Our facility has an advanced power and cooling infrastructure, plus a sophisticated management and monitoring system, to ensure your systems are online and functional at all times.

Easy and viable back-up solutions

It’s clear that cloud service providers are continuing to drive the market through high levels of service provision and innovation.  The processing power to enable such innovation is only limited by the capacity of cloud providers to increase demand as their business grows.

For many, the option to build and manage their own data centres makes little sense, as they are simply doubling their work efforts.  An outsource data centre provider is a much smarter and cost-effective way forward that can plan for and readily meet capacity demand.

At Sovereign, we recognise that choosing a date centre provider is a significant decision. If you would like to see our north London data centre, please contact Ralph Wall on 020 8216 3333 and he can arrange a tour for you.

Short of time? Try our Virtual Reality tour of our Data Centre

We recognise that many people in the IT industry are extremely busy and time short, so we invested in a VR tour of our data centre so that we can bring the data centre to you first. Click here for the VR tour. If you need some VR goggles to watch this, please just contact our marketing team on 020 8216 3333 who can send you some of Sovereign’s Google Cardboard so you can take the tour.


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