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08th September 2016

The General Data Protection Regulation is coming. Non-compliance carries heavy fines. Download our GDPR Road Map to get you moving in the right direction


If you're confused by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that is due to come into force in 2018, you're not alone.

These new laws represent the most profound changes to data protection for twenty years and with good reason.

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As our lives become increasingly digital, our personally identifiable data carries more and more vital information about us. If this data is stolen with malicious intent, it can cause serious damage in a number of ways.

Protecting data, therefore, is an issue that effects everyone.

For businesses, increasingly reliant on digital data capture and processing for everything from customer interaction, sales and ongoing marketing activities, to staff payroll and internal communications, it is about to become extremely important.

Anyone can lodge a case that could ruin your business

Penalties for non-compliance are going to be heavy. They will be significant enough to drastically impact profit or potentially put a business out of action for good.

A common misconception is that policing the GDPR will be tricky. How will the relevant authorities be checking that new data protection measures are in place? The answer is, they won't need to. Any individual who has sufered due to their data being compromised while it was being stored on or passing through your networks can bring a case against your company.

It could only take one complaint to start an investigation into your data handling processes. If it's found those processes don't meet the stringent GDPR standards, you could find yourself facing those hefty fines.


There's still time to set your course for compliance

The good news is that there is still time to get your business on track for compliance by the 2018 deadline.

Download our GDPR Road Map infographic to get you started. We have divided the compliance journey into six clear steps.


You can also sign up to receive GDPR-specific emails, reminding you of key tasks that you should be planning and implementing along the way.


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