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07th December 2015

Data solutions for the pharmaceutical and CRO industry

Clinical Cube is a data solutions company for the pharmaceutical and CRO industry. It deploys data and technology that transforms feasibility, recruitment and surveillance reporting. Through the acceleration of workflows, Clinical Cube improves accuracy, which enhances results.

This technology radically reduces the time taken to produce accurate feasibility reports for phase II and III trials to then deliver patient recruitment with pinpoint accuracy. This solution processes and then provides analysis on enormous amounts of primary and secondary care (standard and non-standard) observational data.

Secure accessible data

Having invested a lot of time in research and development to bring this technology offering to market, Clinical Cube knew that they needed a reliable environment to house their data securely. It was logical to look at data centre providers with an established site so the team had the reliability and security of a data centre without the cost of creating the environment themselves. As well as this, they needed a data centre provider that would work with them to support their growth plans so they knew that they could maintain the service level to their healthcare clients.

Clinical Cube met Sovereign at the EHI Live conference. As well as having a data centre with the secure environment in which Clinical Cube could house its servers, Sovereign was also approved to provide N3 connectivity. This meant that Clinical Cube could better support their clients; not only providing them with a reliable facility in which to house their data but also connecting them into the N3 network to make it simpler for them to get through to who they need to and get the resources and information they need easily.

Joanna Sedley-Burke, Managing Director at Sovereign explains,

‘It’s great to see that our commitment to N3 connectivity can allow us to be a true solutions provider rather than just a data centre provider to our clients. Working with Clinical Cube as one of our first NHS related clients has been very rewarding. We look forward to continuing our working relationship.’

Supporting the whole business

Through Sovereign’s data centre and connectivity support, Clinical Cube is able to confidently grow in the healthcare market delivering:

Trial Feasibility

It is imperative that Clinical Cube is agile and accurate in delivering trial feasibility at phases II & III of development. The solution is used for analysis and reporting at the outset of the trial development process. Through Sovereign’s data centre, Clinical Cube is able to simply and quickly conduct analysis throughout phases II, III and IV. They are also able to combine UK observational health data with other related information sets that allows their analysts to work hand-in-hand with their customers to better inform and accelerate the feasibility and assessment stages of all phases of the drug development process.

This speed and precision combined offers the key to expediting drug development timescales which results in improved patient recruitment and related ROI.


Patient recruitment remains one of the most challenging, time consuming and costly aspects of any trial. Without high quality search, analysis and selection at the beginning of a project, the results can often lead to poor retention, project delays and at worst, trial failures. Working within stringent and approved data governance practices and supported by Sovereign, the recruitment solution removes the arbitrary nature of clinical trial patient enrolment. Their collaborative approach brings a new level of efficiency to the development and delivery of clinical trials. In turn targeted recruitment can lead to a 35% improvement in patient retention.


The growth and complexity of phase IV research continues to demand more comprehensive informatics requirements. Access to data to support observational, registry and health outcomes is of immense importance to achieve a robust and high quality outcome. Clinical Cube’s direct access to real world patient data presents significant time and cost savings compared to the more traditional routes of achieving data collection. No manual input and no re-keying of data ensures higher data quality. Clinical Cube is able to support the requirement to provide on-going assessment and analysis of critical success factors, support evaluation of benefit-risk data, as well as deliver the post marketing safety remit.

Tudor Morgan, Chief Operating Officer at Clinical Cube concludes,

‘In addition to the ability to support the governance issues that are a necessity of working with NHS related data, we chose to work with Sovereign because we were hugely impressed by their willingness to adapt and work collaboratively with us deliver the best solution for our needs’.


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