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07th December 2015

Safe Outsourcing move it’s Group’s severs to the facility

Safe Outsourcing, one of the leading providers of back office and financial management outsourced services to the recruitment industry, has announced it is to move all its IT servers from its existing data centres and use Sovereign’s data centre facility as its primary location.

Safe Outsourcing will move all of the group’s subsidiaries and its own servers to Sovereign’s data centre, which will provide the company with a more flexible and efficient IT process. Using the facility as a primary data centre will afford Safe Outsourcing the peace of mind that comes with knowing all the servers for each business within the group will reside in the same place under the secure and reputable management of Sovereign.

A phased approach

One of the first Safe Outsourcing subsidiaries to move its servers into the facility is Xuper, a leading provider of IT infrastructure services. Peter Grogan, Managing Director, Xuper, comments,

‘We looked at several data centres before we selected the Metro Point facility. Many data centres have the latest technology but what impressed me was the positive and flexible attitude of Sovereign’s people. Xuper can now offer a wide range of hosting and Cloud solutions from Colocation to fully managed application hosting.’

Sovereign has been providing Safe Outsourcing with a hosted outsourced IT service since early 2010.

Moving to the new facility

In February 2012 Safe Outsourcing decided to purchase rack space in Sovereign’s new data centre, Metro Point and it was the excellent service the company received during this time that led to the decision to relocate all existing servers.

As part of the secure service provided by Sovereign, the data centre facility is monitored at all times, with restricted access and locked server racks.

The servers are also located within their own managed environment, with air temperature and moisture ingress monitored and controlled.

Sovereign’s in-house engineers are available 24/7 to provide a rapid response to any issues that may arise, preventing potential incursions from escalating into a disaster.

Data centre + managed services

On top of the data centre services that Safe Outsourcing will receive, the company is also working with Sovereign to provide managed services on a project basis, offering Safe Outsourcing the flexibility they need.

Darren Bonnor, Service Delivery Director at Safe Outsourcing, comments,

‘We have been working with Sovereign for a long time and they have always provided us with the upmost in service and IT experience. It made a lot of sense to move our servers to a data centre that we knew and trusted as security and service is very important to us.’

He continues,

‘Sovereign have provided us with the flexible and efficient service that we needed and have given us with the highest levels of support throughout the process and even supplied us with physical help to move our servers. I am very happy to be continuing our relationship with Sovereign and to be introducing the other businesses within our group to Sovereign and its data centre facility.’


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