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Virtual Reality Tour of our Data Centre in North London

01st February 2018

Taking our Data Centre to you

Watching the Sovereign 360° video in Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard lets you experience virtual reality in a simple and fun way. With Cardboard and the YouTube app, you can even watch 360 degree videos for an immersive experience.

1.      Unpack your Sovereign Cardboard and assemble it

2.      Open the YouTube app on your Android or IOS Device

3.      Search for Sovereign Business Integration Group & select our Video called 'Virtual Reality Tour of our Data Centre - Sovereign'

Alternatively you can click the following link if you are opening this video via email or from our website directly onto your mobile device - https://youtu.be/ttnxe1r4g0I

4.      Touch the cardboard icon. You'll notice that the screen splits into two smaller screens

5.      Insert your phone into Cardboard

6.      Look around to view the video in 360 degrees and enjoy


See how well the virtual reality tour had been received so far


Remember, if you don't have any Google Cardboard, get in touch as you can't beat the 360 experience and we will send you a set.


We would like to thank our partners Housing TechnologyNext Level and Gemini Fire Management Systems for their involvement with the production.


If you would like to find out more about Sovereign please get in touch.

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