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09th December 2015

Cloud: Data Sheet 2.1.1

Ultimate data protection, scalable to your needs, backed up and restored to your business requirements.

Many back up problems can happen overnight, when your IT team aren’t there to monitor the systems and respond. The back up window then impacts production time and/or risks data loss.

Additionally, the more advance data storage solutions available required by growing businesses need multiple specialist skills. Do you even have a window of quiet time in your business to run the back up without impacting the end users productivity? Employees are use to any time anywhere access and often the business needs demand this.

Back up as a Service (BaaS)

No more purchasing of tapes, changes to be scheduled, logistics costs, admin tasks of cataloging and storage costs. What about the cost of the hardware, software and maintenance. We’ve already flagged productivity, but what about your reputation with your clients and in the market? 

When you consider all of these factors, it makes a compelling argument for businesses to look at BaaS solutions that include the provision of: 

A service-based solution with the assurance of what is backed up is recoverable and the agreed Recovery Time Objectives are set.

  • Resource - no management time from you is required
    • We do it all.
  • Access from anywhere. Standard networking protocols are used to transfer data between our highly secure data centre and you.
  • Storage on demand - flexible without limits, allowing you to flex up or down. Storage released can automatically be made available to other subscribers to the service.
  • Smart pricing to align the value of your data to the cost of protecting it. Pricing is based per gigabyte per month and takes into account the: 
    • Age of the data
    • Type of data
    • Volume of data
    • Recovery Time Objectives
  • An enterprise-class solution that provides continuous back up giving you uninterrupted data protection.

Management of the solution

The technology behind our solution only copies the bytes that have changed in your data. This ensures that minimal bandwidth is utilised and an up to date copy of your data is always available.

Your company policy dictates what files are included/ excluded in the back up as well as users, groups, licenses and storage levels. This is all automated which also eliminates manual user intervention and aids efficiency in your IT operation.

The system will automatically provide you with email notification of back up results but if you want more in-depth reporting, we can provide enterprise reports.

Highly secure, off site solution

Our support is delivered from a 3rd party site or in our own state of the art, Tier III designed data centre in north London. Having recently been recertified to the latest ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management accreditation, our framework of policies and procedures ensure that all the legal, physical and technical controls are in place.

Our core comprehensive service

We use IBMs technology to manage up to 2 billion data objects in a single server. The system supports more than 50 operating system versions and hundreds of server and storage devices. It facilitates a large number of connections, including Internet, wide area networks (WAN), local area networks (LAN) and storage area networks (SAN).

This solution includes the following functions:

Extended edition: Provides core backup/restore for a wide range of operating systems; broad support for tiers of storage; NDMP, IBM DB2® and Informix® support; source and target deduplication; advanced disaster recovery planning; and much more.

Databases: Performs online, consistent and centralised backups for Oracle and SQL to avoid downtime; protect vital enterprise data infrastructure and minimise operation costs.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Performs online, consistent and centralised backups for SAP environments.

Mail: Protects data on email servers running Lotus® Domino® or Microsoft® Exchange, with granular restore of Exchange email objects.

Virtual environments: Automatically discovers and protects VMware virtual machines; off loads backup workloads to a centralised server and enables flexible, near-instant recovery.

Space management: Moves inactive data to reclaim online disk space for important active data; frees administrators from manual file system pruning tasks; and defers the need to purchase additional disk storage.

Storage Area Networks (SAN): Provides high-performance backup/restore by removing data transfer from the LAN.

Why Sovereign

The BaaS solution provides clarity and transparency for any client with a flat price model and agreed service level agreements – from our own standard package to bespoke solutions – Sovereign can be a one-stop shop support arm for as much as you need. In a disaster, we know that downtime can costs a business thousands of pounds - we make sure you have the right people, with the right training, with the right password, accessing the right system to restore the right data to the right place.

Communication gives Control

Worried about control if you outsource to a service provider? We work for you and see ourselves as your IT partner so it is our responsibility to make sure you know what you need to know, when you need to know it - not forgetting SLAs that are set - defined by you!

As such, you always know what is happening – changes are scheduled, tested and signed off before moving to the live system so you always have control and an auditable trail.

If you would like to find out more about Sovereign please get in touch.

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