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09th December 2015

Consultancy: Data Sheet 1.1

Comprehensive support, working with organisations to deliver the seemingly undeliverable – ever increasing standards of services with challenges on resourcing levels.

When considering new initiatives and technologies, it is important not to lose the strengths of the underlying systems.

Sovereign has been delivering consultancy services since 1999, working with organisations to deliver the seemingly undeliverable – ever increasing standards of services with challenges on resourcing levels.

Our consultants have worked in social housing for a number of years and not only understand the sector, but will also understand your organisation and what it is trying to achieve. They ensure an independent coordinated review and development that meets business needs, maximises the efficiency of your current investment and ensures a robust position moving forward.

In addition to our consultants, we also have teams of network, desktop, server and application engineers, service delivery managers and business analysts which means we have ability to look “Under the bonnet” at your current infrastructure and provide critical friend assurance based on qualified technical knowledge.

Typical consultancy engagements include:

IT health-checks

IT is a vital component of any modern business but how do you know you’re getting good value for money and that your applications and infrastructure are fit for purpose and your IT team have the right resources and skills?

We use tried and tested methods to identify the effectiveness of your IT services, making practical and affordable recommendations to future-proof your organisation. Our tailored health-checks ensure that your IT is secure, reliable and resilient.


Digitalisation is a hot topic, with many social housing organisations either talking about or delivering some sort of digital services. There’s no doubt that digital technology can deliver more efficient, customer focused services and yet, despite budget cuts and pressure to deliver more for less, it’s rare to see any wholesale digital transformation.

Digitalising your organisation is so much more than just delivering a particular on-line service or niche app. And whilst it’s understandable that digital services are rolled-out incrementally, tangible benefits will only be fully realised if this step-wise approach is linked to the corporate vision and is underpinned by a solid digital strategy.

Our experienced consultants can help you to deliver a tailored and affordable digital programme linked to your corporate goals as well as offering practical guidance and support throughout your digital journey.

‘Art of Possible’ executive level workshops and engagement

Technology moves at such a fast speed today and our management consultants are often asked by executives and board members how they can kept abreast with new technology, what technology they should be embracing to improve their businesses and how they can ensure that they’re not behind the curve? How do we know what we don’t know?

We offer tailored ‘art of the possible’ workshops for key decision makers in your organisation.

The workshops are interactive and thought provoking. Focusing upon the successful application of cutting edge technology and how it could be used in your organisation to innovate and improve service delivery and the workplace.

They are relaxed and informal sessions, providing everyone with an opportunity to horizon-scan, explore new possibilities and leave with a vision of what technology could really do to improve your business. 

EU procurement

The latest EU procurement directives are gradually being transposed into UK law with some changes delayed until 2018.

We all know EU procurement can be minefield to navigate through and the latest directive brings about some fundamental changes such as the introduction of new procedures, changes to timescales and e-procurement.

Our fully trained EU procurement consultants can provide practical support and guidance throughout your buying process. Helping you to select the right technology product or service for your organisation whilst mitigating the risk of challenge.

IT strategy

Is your organisation’s IT strategy closely aligned to your corporate objectives and vision?

Does it support your constantly evolving operations?

Is it a document that only the IT team can understand?

Working with operational and IT staff, heads of service and executives, we develop practical IT strategies with a clear and tangible link to your corporate plan and focused upon business improvement. We ensure that all the necessary
building blocks are in place for the next few years to maximise your investment in technology, allowing you to deliver innovative, cost effective services.

If you would like to find out more about Sovereign please get in touch.

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