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09th December 2015

Network Services Data Sheet 2.5.1

Perimeter security support, from a safe pair of hands, for your IT infrastructure.

With cyber attacks regularly making headlines, increasingly sophisticated hackers continue to disrupt businesses. For any business, security never leaves the priority list and investment remains high to maintain the latest technology and dedicate, fully trained IT security teams to protect the business. Whilst we are not all in the league of targets such as Sony, we all rely heavily on data and our mission-critical systems to successfully run our businesses and as such, need to make sure it is well protected.

Whist hackers may target large enterprises; many have good security defences and a team dedicated to IT security. It can often be much easier for them to go after small and medium sized businesses that don’t always have dedicated IT security teams.

New technologies, new opportunities, new threats

Known threats are one thing, but what about the unknown threats - the more sophisticated and frequent strikes on Web applications?

  • How does 1 hour impact the business or 1 day?
  • What is the ripple effect to your clients?
  • What is the cost of any of the above - from breaches causing downtime to penalties for regulatory non-compliance?
  • What is a cost effective way to do this whilst always staying current?

We think you will agree, that the time and effort needed to manage the security of your IT is vast and is only going to get more diverse and challenging. Businesses have to mitigate risk, but this is not something end users see the benefits of, compared to other IT deliverables many would like to be spending budgets on. Areas such as mobile technologies, cloud and application development/ replacement are all intelligent investments that help drive business efficiency, flexibility and productivity, but all require a secure infrastructure – so what is the answer?

Balancing investment in detection & response capabilities

By using a IT service provider you can rely on means you have a team of skilled IT security engineers and up to date monitoring of your firewall 24/7/365 without the complete cost of doing so yourself. The key is defining the right balance between performance and protection.

Tailored solutions to your rules

We will work with you to complete an analysis of your security platform including network and system topology as well as your security policies to develop and define your firewall security policy.

Managed firewall

Sovereign’s IT security team is very clear on it’s role – to anticipate and monitor issues before they impact the business and manage them when they arise.

As well as delivering, configuring and deploying your solution, our team can monitor and manage it as well. This managed service covers hardware, software licenses, maintenance, monitoring, and the overall management by our team of security experts. The team do this on a range of platforms, including dedicated and virtual firewalls.

Making informed decisions

Our support can be delivered from a 3rd party site or in our own state of the art, Tier III designed data centre in north London. We can oversee your existing system initially whilst planning for the replacement so you can focus on other projects or your BAU (Business As Usual) work.

UTMs: Simplicity to manage all security

Unified Threat Management (UTMs) systems perform multiple security functions in a single platform. A consideration that needs to be allowed for with this solution is that more devices can add more latency. This is because they usually use separate internal engines for individual security functions that means that a packet can be examined several times by different engines to determine whether it should be allowed into the network. Overall this can affect the performance of the network. New devices can also add operational overhead because each needs to be monitored and managed separately.

UTMs core functions typically include:

  • A corporate firewall
  • Internet gateway security
  • A network intrusion prevention system (IPS)
  • Secure remote access
  • Automatic updates

WAFs: Morphed to adapt to new technologies and new threats

Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) help secure applications and networks whilst centralising the control and update capabilities. This solution provides one component in a layered approach to a secure web application. There are three types of WAFs:

NGFW: Moving beyond protocol inspection and blocking

Next-generation firewalls (NGFW) replace or augment existing network firewalls and can include WAFs. These platforms are applications-aware and bring intelligence, but are intended to operate on a much larger scope and cost within a business. NGFWs address the traffic inspection and application awareness drawbacks traditional firewalls without hampering performance. Devices are optimised so that packets only need to be examined once.

Why Sovereign

The managed firewall service provides clarity and transparency for any client with a flat price model and agreed service level agreements – from pure monitoring to complete management service of the platform – Sovereign can be a one-stop shop support arm for as much as you need.

As a vendor neutral service provider, we work with all software so we provide flexibility in options and make sure the right solution is implemented and managed for each client’s business.

Communication gives control

Worried about control if you outsource to a service provider? We work for you and see ourselves as your IT partner so it is our responsibility to make sure you know what you need to know, when you need to know it - not forgetting SLAs we work to - agreed by you!

As such, you always know what is happening – changes are scheduled, tested and signed off before moving to the live system so you always have control and an auditable trail.

If you would like to find out more about Sovereign please get in touch.

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