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06th June 2016

We are delighted to announce that John Miller-Wilson is to showcase Sovereign’s Event Management Logistics (EML) at this year’s Finished Vehicle Logistics (FVL) conference in the USA.

Finished Vehicle Logistics (FVL), one of the global conferences organised and run by Automotive Logistics, is a significant event for all companies involved in the automotive supply chain. Key attendees at this Newport Beach event include OEMs from some of the largest car manufacturers in the world plus other prominent industry figures.

Sovereign will be showcasing its Event Management Logistics (EML) solution, which has already helped many FVL organisations safely deliver 1.75 million vehicles.

The issue of meeting customer expectations on delivery times will be a key topic at this, the most important outbound congress of the year for the US FVL industry. Technology is already recognised as the missing link in the currently disjointed and opaque outbound supply chain.

EML was designed to address the specific needs of companies operating in the FVL industry. It provides logistics management and IT support for the entire distribution and delivery process from factory to dealership. We are very excited to be introducing EML to the American market.

Our system has been proven to boost efficiency and enable delivery of a premium customer service. Using real-time data capture along key contact points of the outbound supply chain, it provides visibility of vehicle location along the entire chain with the assurance of reliable, secure and easily accessible IT processes.

Any delays are recorded and reported as soon as they occur. This enables fast, reactive decisions and schedule changes to minimise further delays and maximise efficiencies elsewhere.

EML also provides extensive capability to simulate future business opportunities that will facilitate growth.



Will you be at FVL?

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