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14th June 2018

Sovereign - delivering IT services & support

Technology is continually advancing and transforming the way you work. Businesses need IT to react quickly to change and help drive opportunity. Sovereign can help make it happen.

Infographics & Videos

Protection against cyber attacks? Consider a managed security service 24th April 2018

Cyber Security is more than just an IT issue

These days, security is a full time function for any business. Managed Security Services are the way forward for a company to heighten security with manageable costs.


08th September 2016

GDPR Road Map

Is your business on track for compliance in 2018?


24th August 2016

Cyber Security is Officially on the Automotive Agenda

Auto-ISAC: "The security and integrity of automotive systems is a top priority for the automotive industry.”


08th July 2016

NCA Cyber Crime Assessment 2016: private sector pivotal to UK cyber security

Cyber crime is a major and growing threat to UK businesses, according to new NCA report


01st June 2016

Countdown to GDPR: How prepared is your business for new EU data laws?

Kevin Doran: If your business collects, manages or handles personal data in any way, you need to start looking ahead to 2018 now.