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14th June 2018

Sovereign - delivering IT services & support

Technology is continually advancing and transforming the way you work. Businesses need IT to react quickly to change and help drive opportunity. Sovereign can help make it happen.

Case Studies

07th December 2015

Clinical Cube: Colocation support

Clinical Cube is a data solutions company for the pharmaceutical and CRO industry

Case Studies

07th December 2015

Carter Holmes: N3 hosting partner

Initially a small consultancy, Carter Holmes quickly grew into providing

Case Studies

09th December 2015

6PM Blithe: Safeguarding data

6PM Blithe provides hosted information systems for the healthcare sector


28th September 2016

How to Get Your Business onto the N3 Network

Confused by the N3 line installation process? Use our free infographic to clarify what it means for your business

Case Studies

21st July 2016

Thrive Homes Delivers Award-winning Customer Services

Since 2010, Sovereign has provided a managed IT service to this housing association