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29th November 2016

The SSP disaster and what you need to know about uptime

In August, SSP Worldwide suffered a catastrophic outage, leading to permanent decommission of a data centre. The outage, while disastrous for SSP and some of its customers, offered valuable lessons about uptime and DR.


22nd July 2016

Cyber crime: the financial sector needs to rethink security now

Alex Riddick: The financial sector is experiencing 300% more cyber attacks than any other industry. If there is even a tiny hole in your security, today's malware will find it. So how can the financial sector avoid a major incident?


28th April 2016

Is London now too high risk for data centres?

Simon Coggin: City centres were once considered the safest place for data centres. But with rising risk and costs, this is no longer necessarily the case.

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14th June 2018

Sovereign - delivering IT services & support

Technology is continually advancing and transforming the way you work. Businesses need IT to react quickly to change and help drive opportunity. Sovereign can help make it happen.

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01st January 2018

Corporate Video

Sovereign Business Integration Group Plc (Sovereign) is an independent IT Services & Solutions specialist.


07th December 2015

Why the hybrid cloud is the right cloud for banks and insurance firms

The financial services sector is in search of a cloud strategy