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New Suzuki Swift 24th April 2017

Suzuki GB engages Sovereign for its logistics management solution

Sovereign is the chosen partner to support Suzuki GB’s core objectives for its finished vehicle logistics to provide real time ETA information to its dealerships, reduce lead time for sold orders & increasing sales volume whilst reducing unsold inventory


06th April 2017

UK Car Importers: Brexit is happening; how can we prepare?

Whilst the major OEM’s are lobbying hard to mitigate the consequences, the finished vehicle logistics industry needs to prepare for potential bumps in the road. We don’t know for sure, but we can surmise that we will face some challenges


06th June 2016

Why 'The Amazon Effect' is key to future growth in the outbound FVL industry

Alex Riddick: Fast-paced technological innovation is delivering ever greater efficiencies and driving business growth. But are new technologies opening up new vulnerabilities to your business?


09th March 2016

Why the automotive logistics sector absolutely needs a ‘nucleus’ of robust IT

Richard Barker: The automotive industry is on a path of growth. Is your business geared up to maximise every opportunity? Or are your outdated IT solutions set to let you down?