We are data analysts, IT engineers, customer service agents and consultants who together, strive to provide the best business solutions for our clients.

We always endeavour to be the ideal partner; one who will ensure the IT is implemented on time, to budget and with as little impact on our clients’ core hours as possible.

The company was founded on solid IT expertise and that has never changed. Over the years, we have expanded our services, always retaining our high standards, and are now able to offer business solutions that support ever more complex processes and scale with businesses as they grow.

We constantly strive to provide only the best. Our Tier III data centre in north London is also our head office. We work with many regulated companies so fully understand the constrictions of compliance. Our aim is to give our clients confidence in their IT as they embrace technology to support their business.

Delivering You a Positive Customer Experience is How We Measure Our Success

A highly personalised, bespoke service has become the trademark by which our clients know us; a service that ensures every aspect of their IT is accessible, reliable and secure.

We have worked with organisations of all sizes across multiple sectors and territories for over twenty years. Our tailored business solutions increase efficiencies, provide robust support and help drive success.

In a nutshell, it’s our job to ensure IT makes your job easier.

ISO 27001 certification

The safety of your data is important to us

Sovereign is accredited to ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management).

This globally recognised accreditation provides a model for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving an information security management system.

We take your data very seriously. As this accreditation demonstrates, we have devised a stringent, process driven methodology to ensure your data is always secure. This includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved in our information risk management processes.

Service Excellence

Our clients receive a great experience built around three pillars of excellence.


Our PEOPLE are passionate about providing the best possible experience for you. This means never automating contact and always looking for news ways in which to innovate with technology and drive efficiencies that will make a real difference to your business.


Reliable PROCESS ensures our implementations are successful from initial consultation, through road-mapping and investment planning to delivering the perfect solution for you. We believe process is organic, with regular status checks ensuring your chosen solution continues to fit your requirements.


Information TECHNOLOGY is the pulse of your business. Providing the best IT solutions tailored to your business lies at the heart of ours. We are technology experts, driven to devise the most efficient, cost effective solutions to support your processes and facilitate successful growth.

Our Vision & Values

Sovereign aspires to be a trusted partner for both private and public sector organisations delivering tailored business solutions that address our clients’ most complex and critical business challenges. Through combining our expertise with service excellence and innovation, we will enable our clients to achieve their strategic goals and objectives towards a digital enterprise. Sovereign’s core values define how we treat our clients and provides the framework around how we work with our colleagues. They set the standards from which business performance is measured and form the basis upon which individuals are rewarded. They are embedded in the way Sovereign operates and are reflected in our business behaviours every day.

We treat people with consideration, value diversity and the unique contribution everyone can make towards the success of Sovereign and its clients. Our values are the DNA of our business: ASPIRE.

Aspire - A


We believe in the quality and value that we bring to clients

We work continuously towards enabling our clients to become high performing businesses, creating long term business relationships which are profitable and create value. We aim to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients.

Aspire - S


We deliver on our promises

We have the courage to shape and build a better future through leveraging the power of our insight, client relationships and knowledge to deliver exceptional service. We respect our clients, fully appreciating the challenges they face, and work in partnership to deliver lasting solutions.

Aspire - P


We are proud of the results we achieve

We attract, develop and retain the best individuals for the business. Our employees demonstrate a can-do approach and work in an environment which is collaborative and empowers the development of innovative and creative business solutions. We aim to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients alongside the financial goals of our shareholders.

Aspire - I


We continually look for bold and creative solutions

We are creative in delivering value, constantly anticipating change and capitalising on the business opportunities that arise for both our clients and ourselves. We seek profitable growth by encouraging agility and innovation.

Aspire - R


We encourage empowerment to take action and to be accountable

We act with integrity and honesty, inspiring trust by saying what we mean and taking responsibility for our decisions and actions, while considering our actions and professionalism at all times.

Aspire - E


We recognise the skills and experience expected from us by clients

We are experts in our specialist areas and not afraid to become experts in new areas. We are transparent and truthful about the services we provide and the expertise and experience we have.

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