Our security experts create and implement solutions to protect your data from cyber attacks

Securing IT is an essential requirement for all businesses now, regardless of size. Data is valuable – to your business and to hackers who want to steal it. Protecting your data is what IT security is all about. As workforces rely increasingly on mobile devices and the Internet of Things opens up new vulnerabilities, a robust IT security policy has never been more important.

Sovereign’s security services will help you protect your business against security breaches, identify and isolate any potential attacks, meet regulatory compliance requirements and reduce the risk of legal action resulting from data theft.

Through our own core network, we provide secure connectivity and guaranteed bandwidth. Our primary aim is to protect your business, managing any breach quickly and effectively to minimise any disruption. Our security services are delivered directly from our Network Operations Centre (NOC) at our data centre facility, with dedicated security professionals available 24/7/365.

How We Can Help


Managed Security Services

An option, which many businesses are turning to, is a managed security service to achieve economies of scale. Through this, we manage all of your IT security for you so you don’t have to worry about it – you can focus on your business. With your own virtual chief security officer and an incident response team available 24/7/365; you will have experts who know exactly how to deal with the attack, any time it happens. Procedures are put in place to best manage and isolate the attack to limit the damage, should it happen. In addition to this, you have a service that proactively monitors your IT to help prevent attacks and access to trainers to educate your employees.

We manage all IT security aspects for you. Through this, you can enjoy a service that:

– Protects your data

– Financially manages the risk

– Delivers a best practices service

– Improves network operations

– Maintains a reliable data backup and recovery process

– Gives you the economies of scale and specialisation

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