Bespoke network solutions to support high-performance business applications and services

Sovereign’s network solutions are cost-effective, giving you an optimal balance between investment and network performance.

We offer on and off-premise services, where we can monitor all your hardware as well as software; functionality is tracked and system performance aspects such as data capacity and transfer speeds are visible.

Settings can be quickly adjusted to meet demands, with policies developed and alerts set up so we can quickly identify and monitor improper activity.

We have established our own network with three additional Points of Presence in central London. Through this, we can interconnect with all major telcom providers to ensure clients access to external services and organisations as needed.

How We Can Help

When was the last time you conducted a network audit?

Sprawling, poorly designed and managed networks can degrade business productivity and lose you revenue. They can also present malicious hackers with an open door to your data. Even the more basic corporate computer networks usually involve multiple computers, servers, routers and switches. A piece of malware can spread throughout a compromised network very quickly causing irreparable damage to both your data and reputation.

As cyber threats become more common, bringing with them the potential expense and disruption of a major breach, security is becoming increasingly important. Add to this the ubiquity of mobile devices linked to corporate networks and true vulnerability status becomes clear. Any network is only as secure as its weakest link. This could be a person not observing the correct security protocol on an office desktop, or unsecured access via a smart phone.

Could your business withstand a security breach?

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