This site collects data through a feedback form that allows visitors to request information about Sovereign, its products and its services. For this purpose, Sovereign requests and collects user contact information that consists in part of name and e-mail address. The feedback form also allows for the user to provide additional information as they may see fit or / and desire to provide.

Information that is collected is solely used for the purpose of responding to the users request. Users contact information may be subsequently used for mailing of information, if so requested by the respondent. A facility exists for users to indicate they do wish to receive any future mailings. Data submitted to the site may be transferred within Sovereign in order to action a user’s request. Data submitted to this site will not be shared with any third party unless specifically requested by the user.


Sovereign does not warrant the accuracy of any information contained within this site, and any reliance placed thereon is the user’s sole responsibility.

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