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Sovereign Business Integration Group was established in 1994 by two of the current Board members. 

Through leading roles at IT companies and working within IT departments of several international businesses, they accumulated extensive knowledge and experience of the IT industry. 


The Sovereign idea started with three key questions:

  • What is each business missing from its IT?

  • What are the concerns with IT providers?

  • How can we help fill that gap?


Starting with sectors we understood the best - social housing, accountancy, automotive logistics and insurance - we set out as an outsourced IT provider. As we grew, we developed a wide service offering and established our presence in our specialised markets.

We became a PLC and launched our subsidiary company, Sovereign Business Resources, to fill IT roles using recruiters who had worked in the sector. 

Following the success of this development, SBR has since expanded into numerous other markets. 

We extended our IT services to include a consultancy department and expanded our geographical presence out to the Gulf.

2011 to 2012 was an exciting time as we built our tier III designed data centre and the company was certified to ISO27001:2005 standard which is for information security management (from 2014, we became ISO27001:2013 certified).

Since then, the company has continued to evolve with a tailored cloud offering and our own network , ensuring we retain control over our services and allowing us to offer stand-out, bespoke solutions to our clients.


Technology is our tool, but business is our starting point

This vision formed the basis of our key principles:

  1. We tailor services for each individual client’s need

  2. We talk business benefits, not IT jargon

  3. We only make recommendations in the client’s best interests

  4. We focus on long-term relationships – never quick sales


It's an ethos that has stuck with us and continues to help us stand out from the crowd. 

We make sure we understand business needs to deliver the best IT service, recommend the best solutions, and provide continued management and support. 


The ideal in-house IT partner

With our clients, we always endeavour to be the ideal partner; one who will ensure the IT is implemented on time, to budget and with as little impact on their core hours as possible. 

Our aim is to give our clients confidence in their IT as they embrace technology to support their business.


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