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Sovereign delivers secure, robust IT solutions that empower critical processes and help you achieve desired objectives


We work with businesses of all sizes from SMEs to large enterprises, creating business solutions that meet specific objectives and span multiple sectors.

You need tailored IT services aligned with your strategic goals. Your workforce is mobile, so connectivity and security are essential. Perhaps yours is a regulated industry, requiring specific compliance. Plus, you need disaster mitigation and scalability to accomodate growth.

From our Tier III data centre in north London, which is also our head office, we tailor IT services around your business objectives and sector-specific criteria.


Your IT services model could include:


You take care of your business while we take care of your cloud computing.

Hosted in our north London data centre, our cloud technologies allow your remote and mobile workforce to collaborate as if they're in the same room. While you save on infrastructure spend, your processes become streamlined, accessibility and connectivity are improved and security standards are assured. Choose between private and hybrid cloud solutions, as well as BaaS, IaaS and SaaS.

Learn more about our Cloud services.


Data Management

Your data is your business. Storing, securing and managing your data is our business.

Our data management solutions allow you to get on with running your business without worrying about data loss, damage or down time.

Services cover back-up and archiving in addition to comprehensive BCP and DR.

Learn more about our Data Management services.



Your critical business processes are only as resilient and effective as the infrastructure that supports them. Spending on new technology is a false economy if your infrastructure is out of date or poorly configured.

The pressures on your business are unique. We ensure you have a cost-effective, optimised, secure platform on which to build your equally unique processes.

Learn more about our Infrastructure services.


Network and Security

Network-wide security has never been higher on the business agenda.

With malware and ransomware threats on the up, no business should be taking their network security for granted. Our team of dedicated IT security professionals protect your data and all components of your network from theft or damage, as well as managing any potential disruption.

Learn more about Network & Security services.



Wise, fully researched purchases are a vital step in business growth.

Sovereign's procurement team will support you and your business during essential purchase processes. Using innovative procurement solutions, our experts can help you achieve your acquisition goals through careful planning, risk control and positive action.

Learn more about our Procurement services.


EML (Automotive Logistics Solution)

EML is a comprehensive supply chain management solution, designed specifically for the automotive industry.

This unique and powerful system provides logistics and IT support for the entire factory delivery process and subsequent dealership distribution.

Learn more about EML services.


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