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If you would like to send a compliment to Sovereign, please email us at compliments@sovereign-plc.co.uk.


If you wish to lodge any complaints about Sovereign, we want to hear from you so we can improve our service.  Please email us at complaints@sovereign-plc.co.uk and we’ll consider your comments carefully.

Complaints policy 

We do our best to provide a quality service, but if you do have cause for complaint, we will equally do our best to deal with it to your full satisfaction. To help us do so quickly and efficiently, please contact us with:

  • Your name and address
  • Your account number
  • A telephone number if you would like us to call you
  • Details of your complaint, including relevant references and dates

All complaints should be addressed to:


The Complaints Officer

Sovereign Business Integration Group plc

Metro Point

Chalk Lane





Call us on: 0208 216 3333

Email us at: complaints@sovereign-plc.co.uk


What you can expect from us 

Our aim is to ensure you feel we have handled your complaint fairly and that you are fully satisfied with the outcome. If we cannot resolve your complaint immediately, we will send you a prompt acknowledgement confirming receipt of your complaint, we will undertake a full investigation addressing all the points you raise and will do our best to reply to you with our written response by post within ten business days.

If we need more time to look into your complaint, we will:

  • Tell you who is personally dealing with it
  • Keep you updated on our progress
  • Provide you with a written explanation of the reasons for the delay and tell you when we will respond in full



To report abuse, please email us at abuse@sovereign-plc.co.uk.  Please include evidence of abuse or the activity in question in form of text or attachments.  Our Abuse Desk shall review the complaint and shall reply to you at the earliest opportunity.