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Sovereign's security experts create solutions to protect your data from all kinds of cyber attack


Securing IT is an essential requirement for all businesses now, regardless of size.

Data is valuable - to your business and to hackers who want to steal it. Protecting your data is what IT security is all about.

As workforces rely increasingly on mobile devices and the Internet of Things opens up new vulnerabilities, a robust IT security policy has never been more important.

Sovereign's security services will help you protect your business against security breaches, identify and isolate any potential attacks, meet regulatory compliance requirements and reduce the risk of legal action resulting from data theft. 

Through our own core network, we provide secure connectivity and guaranteed bandwidth. Our primary aim is to protect your business, managing any breach quickly and effectively to minimise any disruption.

Our security services are delivered directly from our Network Operations Centre (NOC) at our data centre facility, with dedicated security professionals available 24/7/365. Our most popular security services include:


Cyber incident response service

Our team maintain a regular set of proactive checks to detect new threats or vulnerabilities that may not be immediately obvious to you or other employees working within your IT network.

Security training

The first step towards change in a business is awareness, so we provide training for your end users. Rather than worrying about dealing with an attack, we help businesses to be proactive in mitigating the risk of attacks. A training session is a great route to build employee awareness. 

It covers a high level overview of security principles and key points to highlight information security in your organisation. It covers current threats, identification and classification of threats, user actions and recommended remedial steps. 

Employees will come away with a more rounded and better-adjusted view of security including awareness when using technology and ways to mitigate ever-evolving risks.


Risk assessment

Ensuring you have good security checks is important for your business's financial wellbeing too. They can help you prevent financial loss through fraud, as well as lost revenue as a result of unreliable or exposed business systems and processes.


Penetration testing

We also perform penetration tests in which we verify the integrity of your security policies and your network design. Testing covers your IT system, network and web application to check for vulnerabilities that could be exploited.


Managed security services

We manage all IT security aspects for you. Through this, you can enjoy a service that:                                 

  • Protects your data
  • Financially manages the risk
  • Delivers a best practices service
  • Improves network operations
  • Maintains a reliable data backup and recovery process
  • Gives you the economies of scale and specialisation

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