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Accessing Information

Throughout our website we use PDF (Portable Document Format) documents which are accessed by clicking on appropriate document links. To view a PDF, you may need to download Acrobat Reader first. This is a free software package and is available by clicking on this image:

Text Size

Please click on the buttons at the top right corner of the screen to enlarge or reduce the text size in order to choose your desired size and this will automatically change the size of wording in our website.

Alternative Method to change text size

To alter your text size, move your mouse pointer over the word "View" that is displayed at the top of the browser window and click the mouse button once. This will display a dropdown list of options. Move the mouse pointer over the option labelled "Text Size" and press the mouse button once. This will display another list of options. Click on the required option for the text size wanted. The page will then refresh with your newly selected setting.